Fifteen Years on From Atlantis (of the West)

A short summary article originally published in SIS Review in 2017

In 2003, my book, Atlantis of the West – the Case for Britain’s Drowned Megalithic Civilization, was published. It was actually a second edition of The Atlantis Researches, published in 1995. The new name was chosen by the publishers as they thought it might sell more copies in UK and USA, but the original subtitle, “The Earth’s Rotation in Mythology and Prehistory”, gives a better idea of what it was really about.  In 2005, my follow-up, Under Ancient Skies, was published. This is perhaps less well-known than its predecessors but, in many ways, I was happier with its content. In the same year, I gave a talk at the SIS Autumn meeting on the subject of catastrophism around 3100 BC, its causes and effects.

I offered this short article to C&C Review to summarise the theories because, although in the years since publication I had done very little new work, the ideas in the books keep appearing in various places - some by people independently coming to similar conclusions; others citing my own ideas third hand without knowing from where they originated. I had hoped that my books might move the debate forward from the 1950s science of Velikovsky, Hapgood and others, onto more modern evidence – yet still I see books and TV series about catastrophist subjects that seem to be little more than marketing concepts to profit from mystery themes.

An important convergence is the clustering of catastrophic and other events (loosely) around the year 3100 BC and the emerging consensus that there was a mid-Neolithic crisis (or at least an agricultural setback) around this time.

Atlantic/Sub-Boreal climate changes              

Sea-level changes worldwide                        

Greenland high-acidity event                        

Tree-ring low-growth event                             

Mesopotamian/ Biblical Flood                       

Indian Calendar Era (Kaliyuga)                       

Mayan Calendar Era                                    

Egyptian First Dynasty                                  

Sahara Desert climate changes                      

Radiocarbon tree-ring date corrections             

3300-2900 BC

3200-3000 BC

3250 BC

3199 BC

3100-2800 BC

3102 BC

3113 BC

3110 BC

3000 BC?

1000-3000 BC?

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Chronology & Catastrophism REVIEW 2017:3    pp53-4

Dunbavin, Paul (2020) Fifteen Years On From Atlantis (of the West), in Prehistory Papers, pp 134-139 Third Millennium Publishing, Beverley, ISBN: 978-0-9525029-4-4

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