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The links below may assist anyone who wishes to pursue the themes
discussed in the author's books.

Academia webpage for  Paul Dunbavin


Good old Wikipedia! Stuff you already know and numerous links, some good, some bonkers. (in German)


​Atlantipedia remains an excellent entry-point for sound research and also access to some of the dafter ideas - the website editor duly records everything he finds!

Spurious Pirated copies of Towers of Atlantis on Amazon Kindle

These are all straight copies of an early version of my text in a different cover. 

Beware of: Atlantis: Exploring the Boundaries of the Possible, one by Dominique Brassard and the other by Daro Jiron! Buy the real book instead! Amazon has a huge  problem with pirated books. As at September 2021 Amazon promised to remove all the pirated copies - but some by other authors are still there - buyer beware! ** **

** The Atlantis Rising website is defunct since mid-2019 but may yet return

Actually there are so many entry points to the subject  but most will lead you to stargates and fiction. It remains difficult to separate these from true research.

Erlingsson’s Irish Hypothesis

A competently-argued theory from an expert in undersea mapping, which I didn’t agree with but didn’t deserve the savaging it received from the academics.


Viatcheslav Koudriavtsev

Catastrophism and Chronology

The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies publishes quarterly Chronology and Catastrophism Review – its origins go back to Velikovsky but in recent years the content has grown somewhat in credibility. However, anyone who is not influenced by either Velikovsky or creationism should still approach the content with due care and attention! The author’s articles may be found in C&C Review 2017.3, pp 53-4and Review 2018.3, pp. 50-53.

​Cosmic Catastrophism Affecting the Earth

William Thompson III publishes a regularly updated listing: Cosmic Catastrophism Affecting the Earth - Bibliography and Handbook. His list also contains creationist material, but a lot of good sources too. As an astronomer-physicist his focus is primarily from cosmic influences rather than earth-based, which makes it an invaluable repository of reference sources.

Email:  Download the latest version here.


Prehistory, climate, sea-level changes, etc

On Neolithic climate changes:

The Submerged Forest at Borth near Aberystwyth

Excellent pictures of the tree stumps revealled by Storm Hannah in 2019:

The 1979 carbon-dating in Nature may be found here, but is pay-walled

Footprints from Atlantis?

A detailed (September 2022)) examination of the Mesolithic and Neolithic footprints found on the beach at Formby (Liverpool) not far from where the mid Holocene submerged forests were also found. As so often, the Nature article is paywalled.

Lost Islands in Cardigan Bay?

New research in 2022 casts light on the legend of Cantrae'r Gwaelod:

A Submerged Forest in the Solent?

Researchers discovered 6400-year old wood alongside ship-wood of unknown age:

And a Mesolithic boat building site in the same area?

​Meehan - Donnelly

I mentioned this website:  Whatever happened in 3200 BC in the postscript of Atlantis of the West and it came out shortly after my work in the 1990s, I think without any influence either way. I remember that most of the references were quite sound when I followed them up at the time and a good example of parallel thinking on ancient climates. Don't worry about the jokey format, obviously the author doesn't take himself too seriously! Some links are broken, but still worth a look.

Sea Level Changes around Britain & Ireland

The older works of R. Kay Gresswell and J.A. Steers dating from the 1950s have stood the test of time. They contain a host of field evidence for the British coast that predates the glacio-eustatic theories of the 1960s onwards; and also older field evidence from coastal deposits that have since been destroyed. Facsimile editions of their books are now available on Kindle; no more touring around libraries to find them all! A good entry point to research is available via these websites.

Ronald Kay Gresswell

James Alfred Steers


Holocene Climate


Sir Harry Godwin

A British pioneer of climate science who evolved the currently accepted view of climate change episodes during the Holocene era.


Hubert Lamb

The work of this pioneer climate scientist stands the test of time and his work remains a huge repository of ‘pure’ Holocene and ice-age climate data that predates (and is not biased towards) the current consensus of climate driven solely by glacial eustasy and Milankovich cycles..


Lamb’s Climate History and the Future is available online with restricted access.

​Holocene Sea-levels Worldwide

This website lists 80 sources of sea-levels higher than present during the Holocene. The focus is to question assumptions that higher CO2 will cause higher sea-levels.  I recognize how much work must have gone into collecting this research.

An animation of the British Ice-sheet during the last Ice Age

Its pretty to look at, but there is actually a huge circular-argument at the root of this science!

Miyake  Events - cosmic rays affecting the radiocarbon chronology?

Heavy asteroids and super-heavy elements

Local asteroids may contain stable elements heavier than Uranium left over from the early solar nebula.

Interstellar Comets and Meteors

Fast Stars

If black holes can eject stars from the galaxy then how many smaller fast-objects must there be flying around?

Supernovas, Gravity Waves and more...

A distant Supernova gives a warning before it Explodes

Novas accellerate mass away from explosion at maximum predicted possible velocity

A new neutron star merger announced in 2020

The largest black hole merger detected to-date

Supermassive black hole ejects a jet of matter at 99% of lightspeed.

Astronomers See a Star's Final Scream Into a Black Hole Halfway Across The Universe (

A Black Neutron Star?

Evidence for compact stars of mass intermediate between a black hole and a neutron star

Fast Blue Optical Transients

A recently discovered (2018) new type of supernova that can eject material at relativistic speeds

A solution to the three-body problem?

...and beware of black tennis balls!

Dark Matter

Time to rethink our ideas about the nature of the universe(s)!

Dark matter: one last push to crack the biggest secret in the universe (

NASA could not prevent an asteroid impact!

Should this come as any surprise?

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