Narmer, Meri-nar and Queen Myrina


In the histories of Diodorus Siculus, we find an account of a warlike queen named Myrina and the campaign of her Libyan Amazons into Egypt; and her further conquests around the Levant and Asia minor. Egyptologists usually sweep this under the carpet as a myth, as it does not correspond with any other known history from dynastic Egypt. Similarly scholars of Greek will dismiss the attempts of Diodorus to rationalise, or ‘euhemerise’ the ancient myths – for some of which he is the only source. However, Egyptologists do recognise a predynastic or First Dynasty king called Narmer, who is often considered to be the same person as Horus-Aha or Menes, the founder-king of the First Dynasty and traditional unifier of the two lands of Upper and Lower Egypt. Here, focusing primarily upon history and mythology, this article will offer a cross-disciplinary view of the mid-Holocene era beyond Egypt; it will investigate the parallels between Myrina and Narmer and compare these with the current consensus about the unification of Egypt – a view from outside the box!


At the very beginnings of Egyptian dynastic history, we are presented with a profusion of royal names derived from archaeological finds and inscriptions. Nothing is certain. The various interpretations must be treated as cumulative informed speculation by generations of Egyptologists (who are of course qualified to speculate) and it is more important than ever not to regard this early Egyptian ‘history’ as proven fact. Here, with apologies for brevity and summary, I shall attempt to focus and simplify rather than follow every modern speculative thread.

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The Campaigns of Queen Myrina according to Diodorus Siculus


We do not gain from Diodorus any idea of the ancient boundaries of Libya and Egypt nor a precise era. It is clear that he considered the story of the Libyan Amazons to be very old; It is discussed along with other mythology that he attempts to place in a historical framework.


The boundaries of the Amazon kingdom mention nothing lying between their homeland and Egypt. The Nile delta is not mentioned; everything east of it comprised simply ‘Arabia’; everything to the west was Libya. 



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