Raised Beaches and Submerged Forests - Curious Geological Anomalies!

Why do we find submerged forests around British and Irish coasts (submergence) dating from around 5,000 years ago at the same era as we find raised beach terraces (emergence) around east-Asian and South American coasts? How can this  be? How can the sea be higher in one place than in another?

For a pictorial introduction to this enigma then take a look at the Borth submerged forest and by contrast the Futatsumori Shell Midden in Japan; here also a more scholarly paper on emergence around the River Plate estuary in South America. To explore further the anomalies of current sea-level research then a good place to start is the summary in No Tricks Zone website. See also this article on ancient Chinese myths on this site.

The full seven-page pdf with source references are available for download here:  (added: June 2019)


A further detailed article on submerged forests around British and Irish coasts is available here: (added Aug 2019)

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Further discussion of the evidence may be found in Towers of Atlantis and Atlantis of the West

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