Throwing Planets Around!


Paul Dunbavin (2020)


Between 1999 and revised up to 2018 a series of papers proposing the Planet-Z Hypothesis were published by a group of physicists and astronomers, including the eminent astronomer Willy Woelfli; these would seek to revise and augment the ideas of Immanuel Velikovsky with more realistic physics. The hypothesis would replace Velikovsky's 'Venus' with repeated returns by a Mars-sized Planet-Z during the ice age culminating in a close pass at the end of the Ice Age. This review article seeks to constructively compare and contrast the strands of enquiry to date.

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Tags: Woelfli, Baltensperger, Nufer, Planet-Z, Velikovsky, ice ages, Ice Age, Milankovitch Effect, pole-shift, ice age climate



Dunbavin, Paul (2020) Throwing Planets Around, in Prehistory Papers, pp 31-45 Third Millennium Publishing, Beverley, ISBN: 978-0-9525029-4-4


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