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​Features and Articles on the Academia Website

The following articles and links are intended to stand-alone and give the reader a different insight into events of recent prehistory. They also build further on some of the themes discussed in the author's earlier books. If you like the features here then you will like the books. 


Most of these articles are now also available in the books and e-books:

Prehistory Papers , Prehistory Papers II  & Prehistory Papers III


The articles are listed below by category. For a list of articles in each book just click the book icon. Alternatively you can access the pdf versions and relevant links directly below. Just scroll past the 'related papers' and you can browse the article on the Academia website before downloading the pdf.

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Prehistory Papers book cover

​​​Catastrophism in Prehistory

Catastrophism and Climate during the Holocene Epoch

Raised Beaches and Submerged Forests - Curious Anomalies:  

Submerged Forests around Britain and Ireland: maps and photographs

The Irish Sea Coast: Holocene coastline

Patterns on the Irish Sea Floorupdated sonar surveys

Footprints from Atlantis: (Sea-levels and Submerged Forests)

When the Sky Leaned Over: (in Ancient China): Kung Kung & pole shifts

Atlantis - updating the evidence

Submerged Islands opposite the Strait of Gibraltar: updating the evidence

Catastrophes: from Atlantis to the Aegean: ancient earthquakes & tsunamis

Plato's Impossible Plain: investigating the dimensions that Plato gives us

Fifteen Years on from Atlantis (of the West): progress since the book was published

The Neolithic Calendar: comparing the Coligny calendar with Plato's calendar

Solon's 'Egyptian' Atlantis: the authenticity of Solon's visit to Sais

Prehistory Papers II-larger text eCover.jpg

Ancient Britain and Europe

Stonehenge Builders DNA: Aegean and Anatolian origins

Cannibals in Neolithic Britain & Ireland: what were the dolmens for?

Lyonesse - Lost: examining the roots of the Lyonesse legends

Callanish, Cronus and a Mysterious Stranger: ancient voyages into the Atlantic

British DNA: History and Legends of Origin Compared: DNA confirms history & legends

Stonehenge Blindness: ancient astronomy at Stonehenge

Ancient Egypt and Carthage

Narmer, Meri-nar and Queen Myrina: reconsidering First Dynasty Egypt

Akhenaten and Eclipses: eclipses during the Amarna period of Egypt

Troy, Amarna and the Earliest Dateable Solar Eclipse: clues to Bronze Age chronology

Akhenaten and Eclipses: was the Amarna period inspired by a series of eclipses?

Elysian Fields or Sekhet-Aaru - Greek or Egyptian?

Joseph's Famine - a Catastrophe Forewarned: seven year climate rhythms in ancient times


Ancient Astronomy, Catastrophism, Pole-shifts and Pole-tides

Dangers to Earth from Ancient Supernovas: stellar-mergers and cosmic events

Supernova Ejecta and the Dangers to Earth: high-energy impacts and their consequences

The Spiral in Neolithic Art: the astronomical significance of spirals

Spirals on the Long Meg Standing Stone: spirals, wobbles and pole-shifts

Irish God Kings and a Nine-month Day: Irish legends and Newgrange astronomy

The Phaistos Disc; Minoans, Trojans and Etruscans: the Phaistos disc calendar

Earth's Wobbly Rotation: some modern internet contributions & animations

Diodorus Siculus and the Black Sea Flood: a pole-tide explanation for Noah's Flood?

Isiah, Hezekiah and the Missing Solar Eclipse: an eclipse reference from the Bible?

Throwing Planets Around: a review of a widely cited commentary on catastrophism

Updating George F. Dodwell: a critique of the unpublished 1950's paper

Ancient Calendars and Chronology

The Neolithic Calendar: comparing the Coligny calendar with Plato's calendar

On the Coligny Calendar: reconstructing the 11-year lunisolar cycle

The Phaistos Disc; Minoans, Trojans and Etruscans: the Phaistos disc calendar


Pictish Studies

The  Problem of the Picts: New Deer; Pictish DNA;

Three Pictures of Picts: three well known images and a new one

A Crocodile in Loch Ness? Saint Columba's monster sighting

Who were the Ancient Irish Cannibals? Attacotti and Scotti

Ptolemy's Map of Caledonia: an alternative interpretation

Dismissing the Venerable Bede: a 'Scythian' origin for the Picts

Dismissing the Venerable Bede - Part II: DNA and origins


Cosmic Catastrophism affecting the Earth

The latest bibliography from William Thompson III: last updated 2020


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