Atlantis of the West

A Drowned Megalithic Civilisation.


In 1995 the author published his controversial theory that Plato’s Atlantis myth remembers the submergence of a Neolithic civilization around the shores of the British Isles. He argues that this cataclysm resulted from a change in the Earth’s axis consequent upon a comet impact around 3100 BC


The Middle-Neolithic period around 5,000 years ago was a time of dramatic climate and sea level changes all around the world.Welsh legends remember lost cities beneath the Irish Sea; and Irish myths recall an ‘otherworld’, a golden age when the eastern Irish Sea was a flowery plain inhabited by a golden-haired race of men. The author argues that Plato’s Atlantis is the same place that is remembered in these Celtic myths; and in Ancient Egyptian and Greek myths of an underworld known as the Elysian Fields. Bringing together modern scientific evidence and a pattern of ancient myths the author presents a multidisciplinary case for Atlantis as just one among many views of the submerged Neolithic civilization of the Megalith Builders. Atlantis of the West is an updated second edition of The Atlantis Researches, with an appendix of further evidences and extended notes and extensive bibliography. Originally published in 2002 it is now made available again in this new Kindle edition.

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Tags: Megaliths, Atlantis, ancient astronomy, Celtic mythology, Elysian Fields, catastrophism, ancient calendars, ancient sea levels,  pole-shift