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New article: Diodorus Siculus and the Black Sea Flood

Apologies to subscribers that I have not communicated for so long. A new article added to the website for November 2022 was:

Diodorus Siculus and the Black Sea Flood’, investigates the ancient writer’s story of this event together with modern scientific investigations and the theories of its relationship to the flood of Noah. Anyone who has read my other articles and books will know that I hold this ancient historian in high regard. Other more recent articles in 2022 that you may have missed were.

These were included in the volume Prehistory Papers II that was published in September 2022.

Another way to download the pdf material for research is via the Academia website. It’s all free to download, except for the books themselves, which are available via Amazon and pays for the cross-disciplinary research. I hope you hate buying paywalled scientific papers as much as I do!

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