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New Features for 2022

Some new articles have been added to the features menu together with a slight revamp of style. This should now complete the set for publication in Prehistory Papers II later this year.

Sorry, I didn’t announce each of these on the blog as they appeared. Every article should have something new for you to consider.

British DNA: the History and Legends of Origin Compared (pdf): DNA confirms history and legends

Stonehenge Blindness (pdf): Astronomy at Stonehenge

Narmer, Meri-nar and Queen Myrina: reconsidering First Dynasty Egypt

Troy, Amarna and the Earliest Dateable Solar Eclipse: clues to Bronze Age chronology

Joseph's Famine - a Catastrophe Forewarned: seven-year climate rhythms in ancient times

The Phaistos Disc; Minoans, Trojans and Etruscans: the Phaistos disc calendar

Earth's Wobbly Rotation: some modern internet contributions & animations

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